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T5 UVA Black Light Blue Fluorescent Lamp
T5-4W 6W 8W 13W

1. The UVA BLB lamps are coated with special blended phosphor to emit radiation peaking at 365nm.it can create UV reaction and effects for various applications such as inspections, detections, and special effects in theatrical presentations,etc
2. Specially blended phosphor coating for maximum UV effect and output
3. Flexible design capability for custom lamp development
4. Emit radiation in the range 380-480nm with a peak wave at 365nm
5. Either straight shape or H shape in different UVA intensity
6. Rated life 8000-10000 hours

  • Specification
  • Description
Bulb type T5 Voltage 110-130V / 220-240V
Base  G5 Watts 4W / 6W / 8W /13W 
Dimension (D X H ) 16*150/16*226/16*531mm Wave length 365nm
Materials of house Glass  Color Temp. NA
Finish Black blue  Ra NA
EEI C Energy Label NA Power Factor 1
Rated lamp life 8000 Hours Beam Angle 360
Certificate CE, Rohs Dimmable No

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